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Activities and Impact

Building an Intercultural Pedagogy for Higher Education in Conditions of Conflict and Protracted Crises: Languages, Identity, Culture!

Prof. John Corbett’s (University of Sao Paulo, Brazil) plenary speech at the IALIC 2019 conference in Valencia entitled.

Revisiting Mediation
In his plenary speech, John draws upon the case studies from the BIPHEC project to illustrate how cultural mediation through intercultural dialogue is facilitated across cultural heritage, language, culture, and intercultural communication. The case studies conceptualise the academy—in areas as diverse as Bogota, Durham, Gaza and Istanbul—as mediating between higher education and members of communities who have been economically and politically marginalised. These case studies thus involve different layers of mediation, which can be unpacked, reviewed and critically evaluated.”

The Literature and Poetry Festival held at Gaza

BIPHEC Gaza presentation; see more here.

Summary of Meetings