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Durham University 20 to 22 October 2019

The third and final BIPHEC project meeting took place at Durham University from 20 to 22 October 2019. This meeting provided an opportunity for all the project members, new members, and advisors to assemble to discuss the completion/final steps in developing their case studies. Co-investigators presented their case studies and any remaining challenges were discussed. The project has seen the development of five case studies. With these have come some new members to the network. This has included Faruk Yaylaci from Dumlupinar University, Kutahya, Turkey; and Dr Bruno de Lima, Federal Institute of Education, Science & Technology, Rio Grande do Norte and Prof. Janaina Weissheimer, Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (Natal, Brazil). Dr de Lima and Prof. Weissheimer will join with IUG’s case study to develop a writing and poetry exchange around the themes of identity and belonging and with a purpose of facilitating intercultural dialogue in contexts of siege and exclusion. A possible sixth case study (which emerged during the second meeting in Colombia) based on Mg. Mariana Escobar’s work with children estranged from their families due to the conflict in Columbia is also being developed and we expect this case study to be included in our proposed book. An important part of the meeting included a discussion of a book proposal and other possible publications, and the opportunity to present a roundtable entitled “Cultural translation for intercultural dialogue: Critical intercultural pedagogies for inclusion in higher education in contexts of conflicts and protracted crises” to be presented at the 19th IALIC conference, Translating cultures. The culture of translating (20-22 November 2019) at the University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain. An opportunity also arose for the project members to present their research at an Arts Festival to be held at the Islamic University of Gaza from 2 to 4 December 2019. As Gaza is a territory under siege the presentations will need to take place online. Advisors Dr Oakleigh Welply and Professor Alison Phipps attended on the third day of the meeting, offering their appraisal of the project to date and suggestions for going forward, including publications and follow-on funding.
Professor. Prue Holmes –Durham University [Principal Investigator]
Professor. John Blair Corbett – University of Sao Paulo [Co-Investigator]
Dr Ayşe Zişan Furat – Istanbul University [Co-Investigator]
Dr Beatriz Peña Dix – University of the Andes – Colombia [Co-Investigator]
Dr Marta Moskal –Durham University [Co-Investigator]
Dr Nazmi Al-Masri – Islamic University of Gaza [Co-Investigator] (online)
Dr Filiz Goktuna-Yaylacı – Anadolu University [Advisor]
Professor Alison Phipps – University of Glasgow [Advisor]
Dr Oakleigh Welply – Durham University [Advisor]
Dr Taha Rajab – Durham University [Advisor]
Dr Faruk Yaylaci – Dumlupinar University, Kutahya, Turkey [Network member]
Dr Bruno de Lima, Federal Institute of Education, Science & Technology, Rio Grande do Norte [network member] (online)

More photos from Durham meeting